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Adriá's Masterwork and THOSE Cookies

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you cookbook lovers out there. I hope your week is filled with 1970s vintage aphrodisiac cookbooks, recipes for chocolate truffles, and treatises on oyster slurping. Please remember that you can send tips for this newsletter to, and you can pre-order my upcoming cookbook about the fun/fabulous food stylings of AUSTIN, TEXAS now. (Right now! I know!!!)



Bread! People love bread, and books about bread journeys. Tara Jensen's A Baker's Year, out this week, is both. Jensen, a North Carolina baker and Instagram phenom (98k followers, whew!), covers not just bread here, but wood-fired pizza, pie, cakes, and more. It's also a memoir of sorts, "sharing stories from her life, [mourning] romances lost, and [celebrating] the promise of a new relationship." Nice to see a woman getting in on the typically male-dominated genre of Bread Journey Cookbooks. Get 'em Tara! ~St. Martin's


Deals via Publishers Marketplace unless otherwise noted.

Hey, Instant Pot fans. Melissa Clark is coming for you, once again. The NYT writer and cookbook author signed a deal with Clarkson Potter for a sequel to her incredibly popular fall 2017 release, Dinner in an Instant. This one will be called Comfort in an Instant, no word on release timeline. (Instant Pot philosophizing: can you make anything other than comfort food in one of these things?)

You want to know more about whiskey, right? Robin Robinson is all set to write a book called The Complete Whiskey Course: A Comprehensive Tasting School in Ten Classes for Sterling Epicure. Bourbon, whisk(e)y, rye, oh my!

Chef/humanitarian José Andrés is working on a book about his relief efforts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. No word on publisher or timeline. ~Eater

Cookbook deals on Shark Tank! Alessandro Biggi of Brooklyn avocaditorium Avocaderia used his "six-figure book deal" as leverage to make a deal with Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran. That deal is with HMH and the book will, unsurprisingly, focus on avocados.


Spanish chef/encyclopedic cookbook maestro Ferran Adriá gives Eater details on his long simmering Bullipedia project. He has plans to release an almost unbelievable 35 volume set (!), and each volume will be a dizzying 500 pages long (!!). They'll all be released over the next 4 years (!!!), kicking off with a 3-volume series on drinks. Bebidas Volume 1 (en español) is on sale now. ~Eater

Here comes Picador Cookstr Classics, a shot at reviving out-of-print cookbooks from Macmillan and digital recipe brand Cookstr. The first three books come out May 5The Confident Cook by Irena Chalmers (1975), Sameen Rushdie's Indian Cookery by Sameen Rushdie (1988), and Cooking in a Small Kitchen by Arthur Schwartz (1979). (The Schwartz book was, coincidentally, one of the first vintage cookbooks I ever bought.) ~Publishers Weekly



Advances that came in this week! I got a PDF of the 30th anniversary cookbook for London's River Cafe (Knopf), which has one of the most striking covers I've seen in a minute. Also flipping through Maggie Hoffman's The One Bottle Cocktail (Ten Speed), The Ultimate Tortilla Press Cookbook by Dotty Griffith (Harvard Common Press), and Eating From the Ground Up by Alana Chernila (Clarkson Potter), who must write some of the most accessibly inspiring home cooking cookbooks out there right now.

I DID IT. I MADE THE COOKIES.    Salted chocolate chunk shortbread cookies  a la Alison Roman's  Dining In

Salted chocolate chunk shortbread cookies a la Alison Roman's Dining In


  • The Washington Post now features a bestseller list powered by, you guessed it, Amazon. ~via @MobyLives
  • "You might...think I'd resent the common chef-cookbook practice of including recipes that ask a lot of home cooks," writes JJ Goode, cookbook collaborator to such chefs as Andy Ricker of Pok Pok and Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski of State Bird Provisions. "I don't. If chefs decide to share the way to their incredible food, I will happily chisel every signpost." ~Taste
  • On the hunt for an "estate sale white-whale": Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. ~Lenny Letter
  • Inside The Illustrated Wok, a "wonderfully bizarre" graphic cookbook about wok cookery. [Gastro Obscura]
  • "This cookbook has been tying the Force to the kitchen since 1998 with Wookies Cookies, Darth Malts, Wookie pies, and other galactic recipes." A Star Wars fan reviews the latest edition of The Star Wars Cookbook series. ~The Takeout
  • Give your cookbook shelf a makeover~WSJ
  • This is the sixth year of the UK's Fortnum & Mason Awards, which celebrate food media (writing, publishing, personalities, photography, broadcasting, etc). And by the look of food critic/awards judge Marina O'Loughlin's mail this week, the judges have some serious reading ahead of them. ~Insta
  • "Mario [Carbone, one of the owners of The Grill] had this really kitschy idea of taking inspiration from Betty Crocker and Campbell's cookbooks," says Ashley Rath, chef of The Grill, revealing some early menu inspiration for one of New York's splashiest restaurants. ~Bon Appetit
  • Much to my surprise, there is a heated debate about the current state of Indian cookbook publishing happening in my Twitter mentions? ~Twitter
  • And finally, a look inside Los Angeles cookbook/culinary shop, Now Serving. ~We Heart

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