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Between Heaven, Harlem, and Spring Cookbooks

And we're back! Thanks for joining me for this week's issue of Stained Page News. The response to issue #1 blew my mind, y'all are a bunch of cookbook nerds and I love it.

Two reminders before we get into it:

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Okay enough already.


Blogger/writer/photographer Jerelle Guy shares her gorgeous baking recipes in Black Girl Baking: Wholesome Recipes Inspired by a Soulful Upbriging. The book includes many vegan and/or gluten-free recipes (although by no means all). Dying to try the Sea Salt Butterscotch Tart. I'm a sucker for butterscotch, and it's due a comeback! [Page Street]

Between Harlem and Heaven: Afro-Asian-American for Big Nights, Weeknights, and Every Day by Harlem chefs Alexander Smalls and JJ Johnson. The book covers a "collective three decades of traveling the African diaspora, meeting and eating with chefs of color, and researching the wide reach of a truly global cuisine." Recipes include Grilled Watermelon Salad with Lime Mango Dressing and Cornbread Croutons, and Creamy Macaroni and Cheese with Rosemary and Caramelized Shallots. Into it. [Flatiron]



Here's the long list for the 2018 Art of Eating prize. Includes Samin Nosrat's Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, Michael Twitty's The Cooking Gene, and the State Bird Provisions cookbook (which all seem like very different excellent books to me, so good luck to the judges). 

nd the short list for the Gourmand Awards at the Frankfurt Book Fair. US titles include Modernist BreadUnforgettableThe Food Lab, and more.

Nigella Lawson announced the North American book tour for her new book At My Table. If you're based in New York, California, or Seattle, check it out.

Milk Street's top cookbooks of 2017 list is pretty solid and loaded with gorgeous cover design.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese — a most excellent hed on this writeup of Lisa Fain's Queso!

The Patriots sign Tom Brady's "cookbook" (it's not really a cookbook) on Kimmel. 

Amelia Simmon's 1796 American Cookery as "another declaration of American independence" in the Baltimore Sun.

"It is my personal theory that no one has read Elizabeth David," says author Ruby Tandoh in an interview discussing her new cookbook Flavour. So I might as well admit that, while I own several ED volumes and have flipped through them, I haven't read them cover to cover. (I have read good old MFK, though.)

"This recipe book is still a Bible for Syrian Christian cooks, 44 years after it was first published." — A look at cooking with Recipes for All Occasions by BF Varughese.

Pop star cookbooks, reviewed. (I rather liked Kelis' cookbook!)

From the Daily Mail (where else): "Botonist reveals vegan blogger is decorating food with POISONOUS flowers in her Instagram photos (and eating them could make you vomit)"

And because why not, here's a preview of an upcoming Prince-themed cookbook called, wait for it, Little Red Velvette.



Hey! Chicago chef Stephanie Izard has a new book coming out, Gather & Graze, and the Tribune's got a little sneak peek. Photos by Huge Galdones, who also shot Matthew Jennings' Homegrown, out last fall. Anyhow! According to the Tribune, G&G will include recipes like "Banh Mi Burgers, Duck Breast with Brown Butter Kimchi, Roasted Shishito Peppers with Sesame Miso and Parmesan, and Sticky Sweet Potato Cake with Blueberry Tomatillo Jam," which sound like recipes from her restaurants. Out in April. [Clarkson Potter]

Danielle Kosann and Laura Kosann of The New Potato wrote a book! Also for Clarkson Potter, also out in April. They've got a preview/cover reveal on their website you should check out, but it's called Great Tastes: Cooking (and Eating) from Morning to Midnight. I'm getting Dining In vibes from it, plus maybe more stories/anecdotes/ephemera. Which is great! Spring cookbooks, they are happening. [Also Clarkson Potter]


And a quick oversight correction from last week. I neglected to include a link to the bestselling cookbooks of 2017 on Publishers Weekly, go peruse at your leisure.

This concludes Stained Page News Issue #2. If you liked it, pass the subscription link on to a friend. Pretty please!

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