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Instant Pot Supremacy and Even More Spring Cookbooks

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Instant Pots continue their reign of multifunctionality, and Instant Pot cookbooks have caught up in a big way. A staggering five Instant Pot cookbooks grace Nielsen's top ten bestselling cookbooks list right now, including Melissa Clark's Dinner in an Instant (which, as noted in last week's newsletter, is getting a sequel) and the delightful Indian Instant Pot Cookbook by Urvashi Pitre. Compare to 2017's year end top ten bestsellers list, which included two Instant Pot books, and 2016's bestsellers list, which included one. I know this is maybe an obvious thing—people love Instant Pots, publishers print Instant Pot cookbooks, people buy Instant Pot cookbooks—but it is also a totally insane thing. ~Publishers Weekly

Deals via Publishers Marketplace unless otherwise noted.
Well, one deal, anyway. Cookbook author/WaPo food columnist Cathy Barrow has signed with Grand Central to write When Pies Fly, a book on freeform pies and tarts. Her book Pie Squared (on slab pies) comes out this fall.




Looking for a lemonade recipe or 40? Lemonade With Zest by food writer April White has got you covered. ~Chronicle

I'm gonna go ahead and admit I know absolutely nothing about Alaskan cooking. But blogger and now cookbook author Maya Wilson sure does, and her book on Alaskan-style home cooking, The Alaska From Scratch Cookbook, is out this week. Salmon, moose, and wild berries, ahoy. ~Rodale

If you've got cacao beans, Chocolate Alchemy can help you turn 'em into chocolate. Bean-to-bar chocolate maker Kristen Hard walks you through the process in this new cookbook, complete with 100 recipes for both candy and baking (pink peppercorn ginger truffles and chocolate oatmeal cream pies). ~Rizzoli


  • "Vibration Cooking was a landmark cookbook," writes Vice's Mayukh Sen. "But the culinary pioneer has yet to get her due." A fresh look at the work of Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor~Vice
  • NYC cookbook shop Kitchen Arts & Letters resurfaces an old essay by founder Nach Waxman, in praise of vague instructions in antique recipes: "Once food is understood, recipe instructions begin to stand in clear relief, serving not as marching orders but as proposals for the good cook to accept or to alter—perhaps even to reject. That ability—to make choices and to control—defines the highest standard." ~KAL
  • Speaking of old recipes, here's a deep dive into 16th century Indian cookbooks: "They may lack precise instructions or measurements, and their ingredients may break a bank or a few laws, but they can still rustle a mean royal repast or two." ~The Hindu BusinessLine
  • Living that Modernist/Myrhvold life, with an assist from (you guessed it) an Instant Pot. ~Gizmodo
  • This is sweet: An Ode to My Favorite Cookbooks over on Treehugger.
  • Wine tasting with a little guidance from Salvador Dalí. ~Guardian
  • What's your sign, man? Recipes and astrology. (I'm a Scorpio, so apparently I like romantic dinners. Predictable.) ~Niagara Falls Review
  • Sonoma chef Sondra Bernstein is spearheading an effort to help rebuild cookbook collections lost to last year's wine country fires. Click through for donation locations—they're accepting volumes in Spanish and English. ~Napa Valley Register

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