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RIP Barbara Kafka; Superiority Burger Cookbook

Hi there! Miss me? Apologies for the unexplained newsletter break; I ran off on a much-needed vacation. But now I'm back and ready to talk cookbooks.

Starting with one that is my nearest and dearest: The Austin Cookbook! Did you know it makes a fine, fine Father's Day gift? It's true! Even The Strategist thinks so. It's full of recipes for barbecue, grilling, cocktails, and all kinds of other stuff my inbox insists Dads Love™.

Okay on with the show. Declaring bankruptcy on everything that happened while I was gone and starting fresh


Barbara Kafka Dies at 84

The cookbook world lost one of its greats over the weekend: author Barbara Kafka died at the age of 84. Kafka was perhaps best known for her cookbook Microwave Gourmet, although she wrote several cookbooks over the course of her career. (According to the WaPo obit, she owned 13 microwaves at one point!) "Barbara Kafka's Roasting was the first cookbook I ever heard described as 'controversial.' It had not occurred to me until then that such a thing was possible," tweeted GQ's Brett Martin, referring to Kafka's affinity for roasting at a very high temperature (a technique which can get smoky if not followed properly). Roast a chicken in her honor this week, perhaps?



New Cookbook Podcast Launches

Via the tipline (did you know you can send me stuff over the tipline?): Cookbook podcast Salt + Spine has launched. Episode 4 goes up today with Unforgettable's Emily Kaiser Thelin; previous episodes have featured authors Nigella Lawson, Preeti Mistry, and James Syhabout. The podcast is hosted by Brian Stewart, a journalist and cookbook collector. Check it out!

Deals, Deals, Deals!

Okay, really quick because there are a bunch. Via Publishers Marketplace:

Leo Robitschek, bar director for NYC's NoMad Bar/Restaurant, is writing The NoMad Cocktail Book for Ten Speed. It will contain the recipes included in the pull-out pamphlet from The NoMad Cookbook, plus also some new stuff. Also for Ten Speed, but without the booze, is food writer Julia Bainbridge's non-alcoholic drinks book. Food writer Charlotte Druckman is writing Women on Food, a collection of writings by and about women on food, for Abrams. Odette Williams of OW Brooklyn is writing Simply Cake, which is about, you know, simply cake, for Ten Speed. And who doesn't love a pun: here comes Serial Griller: The South's Best Recipes for the Grill by Matt Moore, published by Oxmoor House.


Out This Week

The much-anticipated Superiority Burger Cookbook [Norton] is out this week! The collection of recipes from Brooks Headley's New York vegetarian paradise of the same name features all your faves. For those who have been asking: yes, it includes the wrap recipe. Yes, it includes sorbets. Yes, I plan on cooking out of it for the rest of the summer.

A couple weeks ago a (non-food pro but talented home cook) friend was telling me she really wished she could improve her knife skills. Which I imagine is a pretty common desire? Well, darlin', the universe has heard you: Sharp: The Definitive Guide to Knives, Knife Care, and Cutting Techniques [Chronicle] by Josh Donald is out this week and looks pretty thorough.

And finally, Cuban food gets the Phaidon treatment: Cuba: The Cookbook by Madelaine Vázquez Gálvez and Imogene Tondre. Fun cookbook fact, according to Gálvez's bio, she has "the most extensive collection of culinary printed materials in Cuba."

Check this out:

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