Book Deal BONANZA: Via Carota, BA Brad, MORE!!

Plus the cover of David Chang's upcoming memoir.

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Book Deals!

All deals via Publishers Marketplace unless otherwise stated.

  • David Chang (you know who David Chang is) has a memoir coming out called Eat a Peach, written with friend of the newsletter Gabe Ulla. Clarkson Potter, April 2020. Here is the cover!

    We're thrilled to announce the publication of @davidchang's EAT A PEACH (4/21/20), the much anticipated & deeply personal memoir from the James Beard award winning chef, owner of @momofuku restaurants, & founder of @majordomomedia! Visit the link in our bio to preorder your copy!
    November 13, 2019
  • Jody Williams and Rita Sodi, proprietors of noted Italian “restaurant person’s restaurantVia Carota in New York City, will write The Via Carota Cookbook for Knopf. No word on pub date. Williams previously wrote Buvette: The Pleasure of Good Food [Grand Central 2014], about Via Carota’s French-inflected sister restaurant.

  • Bon Appetitster Brad Leone has signed a deal with Voracious, a “cookbook adventure of fermentation, experimentation, food, fire, and fun.” Unclear if the book will be strictly based on his YouTube show It’s Alive, which Jezebel’s Bobby Finger described as “a show about dopiness and fermentation, mostly.” (This was said with love.) Leone joins fellow Bon Appetitsters Carla Lalli Music, Claire Saffitz, Molly Baz, and Priya Krishna in cookbookland, all of whom either have books published or in the works.

  • Beard Award-winning Seattle chef Eduoardo Jordan will write Food with Roots, an exploration of the cuisines of his heritage, including “soul food, the American South, and African, Caribbean and South American foodways.” Knopf, no word on pub date.

  • I’m obsessed with the New York Times’ 10 Essential Recipes series, so I was thrilled to see Yewande Komolafe, author of The 10 Essential Nigerian Recipes, will be publishing a cookbook/memoir centered on the foods of Lagos, Nigeria. Ten Speed, Fall 2021.

  • Another Ten Speed jam: food editor Sam Sifton will write The New York Times Cooking’s No-Recipe Recipes.

  • Chicago chef and memoirist Iliana Regan will write FORAGE, about meditation and mushroom hunting, for Agate. It will contain “some very unconventional recipes,” which is very intriguing. Regan’s memoir Burn the Place was longlisted for a 2019 National Book Award.

  • Food writer and friend of the newsletter Katie Parla’s third cookbook, Foods of the Italian Islands, will be published by Clarkson Potter. Parla is the author of Tasting Rome and Foods of the Italian South and I am very jealous she gets to eat her way through the Italian islands, as a job.

  • UK podcaster/musician Jessie Ware and her mom Lennie Ware have sold a cookbook based on their podcast of the same name, Table Manners, to Ebury for publication in March 2020. If you’re looking for Ed Sheeran’s sausage and bean casserole recipe, you have come to the right place. Behold, the cover!

  • Clarkson Potter will publish a cookbook of recipes from buzzy New York City bakery Maman, by bakery founders Elisa Marshall and Benjamin Sormonte.

  • And last but nowhere near least, a whopper of a cookbook from Sandra Gutierrez that will cover all of Latin America and feature over 300 recipes in both English and Spanish. Sounds like it will be pretty epic! Gutierrez is the author of four cookbooks, mostly covering Latin American cooking. Spring 2022, Knopf.

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