Franklin BBQ Boxed Set, Digitized Mexican Cookbooks

Plus, you guessed it, more best of lists.

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Aaron Franklin Paperback Boxed Set!

Where there is smoke there’s fire; where there’s barbecue there’s grilling; where there is either of those things there is Aaron Franklin. Austin’s own king of brisket is releasing special paperback editions of his two cookbooks with co-author Jordan Mackay, Franklin Barbecue and Franklin Steak, as a boxed set emblazoned with that iconic Franklin Barbecue logo. Out April 28 from Ten Speed, just in time for grilling season. (For most of the country, anyway. In Austin that’s about when it becomes as hot as the surface of the sun.)

UTSA Digitizes Mexican Cookbooks Collection

Speaking of Texas! This is maybe not new but it is new to me and it’s cool regardless, so: the library at the University of Texas at San Antonio is known for it's collection of Mexican cookbooks, and now they’ve digitized a portion of the collection, and here’s a guide to what’s available. I’ve had the privilege of going through part of the collection and it is pretty great, an invaluable resource for anyone researching Mexican food and cooking. Above: A small portion of UTSA’s collection, on display to commemorate cookbook author Diana Kennedy’s donation to the collection in May.

Hopefully the Last Best of 2019 Lists

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