Introducing the Cookbooks of Fall 2020!

The first annual Stained Page News Fall Cookbook Preview

Howdy cookbook fans!

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the first-ever annual Stained Page News Fall Cookbook Preview! Fall is cookbook season—the time of year when publishers release tons of new titles, all in hopes you’ll snatch them up before the holidays. Cynical and capitalist? Perhaps! A big boon for cookbook fanatics?! Definitely!

And these are the books I’m excited about that are coming out this fall. There’s so much to look forward to, including the big trends I’m seeing for fall: focus on flavor, pie cookbooks, cookbooks for kids, cookbooks for witches. We’ve got books on bubbles and books on groceries and books on tahini. Some books finesse the craft of cocktails unsullied by ABV; some simply, mercifully tell us the shortest path to getting dinner on the table. There are big names—Ina Garten! Yotam Ottolenghi! Marcus Samuelsson! David Chang!—and new authors I can’t wait for you to read for the first time. And then there are my top ten most anticipated cookbooks, should you decide to become a paying subscriber.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Welcome to fall cookbook season.

Here are the fall cookbooks heading your way, divided by category:

Multi-Purpose and Focus on Flavor ⟶

Baking, Dessert, and Pie Books ⟶

Restaurant and Chef Books ⟶

Single Subject, Special Interest ⟶

Drinks, Gadgets, Kids ⟶

International and Regional Cookbooks ⟶

Food Books, Memoirs, Biographies ⟶

My 2020 Most Anticipated Cookbooks ⟶

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Disclaimers! I have not yet seen copies of all of these books. Everything written here is based on what I know about the book right now. At the end of the season (early December), I’ll write a list of my best cookbooks of 2020, which will reflect my experience reading and cooking from these books. Anything in “quotes” is publisher’s copy. Books are listed in order of publication date, not preference. Please be kind about the categories, I had to divide them up somehow and many books fit in multiple categories. And while I did try to be thorough, I’m sure I missed some titles. Can’t be everywhere at once.