Introducing the Stained Page News Cookbook Club

The first book, revealed!

Howdy cookbook fans!

It is my great pleasure to announce the Stained Page News Cookbook Club. Launching in January 2021, the SPN Cookbook Club is a community of avid cookbook readers (like you!) who read and cook their way through a cult classic cookbook. Cookbooks that are just one shelf over from the Julias, Marcellas, and Inas, and have so, so much to offer readers. We’ll take our time with these picks, two months each—that way, you’ll have plenty of time with each book, but won’t feel rushed.

How do you participate? The Stained Page News Cookbook Club is included in paid subscriptions, so if you’re subscribed—congrats! You’re already enrolled! And if you’d like to join the ranks of paid subscribers, I’m offering 20% off annual subscriptions until January 15:

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Our First Book: Simple French Food by Richard Olney

First published in 1974 with a foreword by James Beard, a mentor of Richard Olney’s, Simple French Food is both a collection of recipes from classic French cuisine, but also a useful meditation on the philosophy behind French cooking: How do we think about food? What cycles does a good cook guide their kitchen through over the course of the year? And how is this approach in French cooking similar or different to that of other cuisines? We’ll discuss all this and more, as well as Olney’s legacy in American cookery, over the course of January and February. Not to mention the amazing recipes to cook through: omelets, gratins (chickpeas with spinach! eggplant! endive and bacon!), plenty of soups and braises to keep your kitchen toasty all winter, and all manner of cakes and breadpuddings to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Excited to get started? Head over to the SPN Cookbook Club, where I’ve collected a selection of readings about Richard Olney’s life, and this cookbook in particular.

I also have some questions for you about this club, including which books you’d like to read! Head on over and let’s chat!

The SPN Cookbook Club >>>

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Now that we now what the SPN Cookbook Club is and what we’re reading first, here’s how to get your hands on a copy. Checking it out from the library or grabbing a copy from your local indie bookseller are both great options. But for the digital types out there, I’m thrilled to offer a deal with ckbk, an online source for hundreds of cookbooks (classic and otherwise!) that allows you to explore each book cover-to-cover with full access to recipes and text—fully searchable from any device.

SPN Cookbook Club members get 30 days free to try ckbk. And if you choose to subscribe, you’ll get 25% off either a monthly or annual subscription. Simple French Food just happens to be the most recommended book on ckbk, so you know we’re in good company. Check it out:

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This has been in the works for a long time, and we’re just getting started! Join me in the Stained Page News Cookbook Club, won’t you? See you in 2021!

Note: Paid subscribers can opt-out of participating in SPN Cookbook Club and still keep their other subscriber benefits. Email me if you have any questions.