Michelle Obama's Kids' Show Cookbook; Beard on Film?

Plus: remembering Maria Guarnaschelli.

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Today! Michelle Obama’s puppet pals Waffles and Mochi get a cookbook of their own, cookbook authors remember Maria Guarnaschelli, we might get a James Beard movie/tv show (?!), a cookbook benefitting Palestinian skateboard culture, Australian cookbook awards, and figuring out how to talk about milk. Let’s get to it.

I should confess: my then fiction publisher, Atlantic, asked me to look at the proposal. I told them not to bid, because cookery books are expensive to publish and this one wouldn’t sell. Which is why I’m not a publisher. Rightly, Atlantic ignored me and bid, though it went to Ebury and Lavelle…The book would go on to sell hundreds of thousands of copies in the UK alone – so many indeed, that at first Ebury couldn’t keep up with demand.

London critic Jay Rayner has had second thoughts about the cookbooks of Yotam Ottolenghi, who has gone on to become a 7-million-copy sensation. [Guardian]

Michelle Obama’s Waffles + Mochi Announces Book Tie-Ins

A new book series is coming based on the Michelle Obama-produced/hosted kids’ show Waffles + Mochi. Most pertinent to our purposes here is Waffles + Mochi: The Cookbook, with recipes from the show aimed at helping 3- to 7-year-olds cook with their families. The cookbook will be written with the NYT’s Yewande Komolafe and comes out in November, from Clarkson Potter. Other Waffles + Mochi tie-ins include kids’ books from author Christy Webster and illustrator Sarah Rebar. The show premiers March 16 on Netflix and features cookbook world favorites like Samin Nosrat, José Andrés, and Massimo Bottura. It looks like a lot of fun, check out the trailer above. [Publishers Marketplace]

How do you build a language about a liquid? How do you express this? You can say: this is very good, or nice, or tasty, but that’s too subjective. Winemakers say the reason a particular wine is a Grand Cru rather than a Vin de Table is because of the terroir, whereas what really influences the taste of a wine is the bacteria on grape skins. Terroir is a nonsense, but a good line! What do you need to produce great milk? The answer is: a happy cow in a field where rain has come to make the grass grow, where there is rotational grazing, where the cow isn’t stressed and only has a short walk to be milked twice a day. You’ve also got a farmer who knows if a cow is well, or if the cow is Daisy rather than just #965. The farmer has cultural knowledge: he might be third or fourth generation, he knows his fields, knows his grass. That’s how you make a Grand Cru drink.

John and Sally McKenna literally wrote the book on Milk. [Echo Live]

Remembering Cookbook Editor Maria Guarnaschelli

You know, the books that exist about Chinese food and Shanghai food, they’re very academic. Don’t get me wrong—they’re good books. But food is just so personal, and so integral to symbolism and family and welcomed in Chinese culture. What I’m writing about is generational cooking. I’m a first-generation Chinese American in an American kitchen cooking these recipes, and I wanted to get that story out there.

Betty Liu discusses her new cookbook, My Shanghai. [Taste]

John Birdsall’s James Beard Biography Optioned

Production company The Gotham Group has optioned The Man Who Ate Too Much by John Birdsall, a biography of the great culinary writer and cookbook author James Beard, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “My book couldn't be in better hands,” wrote Birdsall on Twitter, referring to David Gilbert and Andrew Sean Greer, the writing team tapped to adapt the book. Dream casting for Beard, to the comments!

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