#PublishingPaidMe; Marvel Cookbook Trailer

Plus: why publishers move release dates during COVID-19

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Authors Share Advances with #PublishingPaidMe

This past weekend, fantasy author LL McKinney started the #PublishingPaidMe hashtag in what Publishers Weekly calls an effort “to expose the disparity in book advances between white and black authors by asking white authors to share their advances.”

I haven’t seen a ton of cookbook authors play ball with this (I did, and have seen a few others) but I hope that changes over the next few days. If you’ve sold a cookbook, I invite you to share your advance under that hashtag—low or high, the point is transparency.

Behold: The Trailer for the Official Marvel Cookbook

Behold! The trailer for the official MCU cookbook, Marvel Eat the Universe, written by Justin Warner. The book is based on Warner’s digital series of the same name. Featuring Captain America’s…. beef tongue terrine? Sure! Publishes July 28, preorder here. [Insight via Twitter]

Osayi Endolyn to Write Restaurant/Dining History

A bit of joy, as she wrote on Twitter: James Beard Award winning-writer Osayi Endolyn will write a book on “American restaurant and dining history through the lens of systemic racism.” The book will expand on an essay Endolyn wrote called “Trapped In Dining Out” that was included in the 2019 book Women on Food. No word on pub date; Amistad Books.

Why Do Publishers Move Release Dates Now?

I’ve covered a few of these—publishers who have moved certain book dates forward (Ina Garten’s upcoming Modern Comfort Food) or back from spring (Sami Tamimi’s Falastin). But what goes into making these decisions?

Forbes interviewed a few reps from the big houses, and it turns out…there are many reasons! First of all, everyone was already trying to avoid the election in November. If a book was heavily reliant on an accompanying tour for sales, release was often bumped in hopes of lightened travel restrictions. If topics were timely, releases were moved up; if the subject might disappear in pandemic chatter, releases were pushed back. And it seems like some authors were given the option to push back or roll ahead as planned.

Check this out!

Note: You’ve probably heard about the brown-face scandal with now-former Bon Appetit EIC Adam Rapoport, his resignation, and the ensuing controversy over pay for POC who appear in the Test Kitchen Videos. It’s not technically cookbook news so I’m not covering it in-depth, but I didn’t want it to go unmentioned. Disclaimer: I worked at Epicurious, which is under the BA umbrella, from 2015-2016.

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