The 2021 Spring Cookbook Preview

More new cookbooks than can fit on one shelf.

The 2021 Spring Cookbook Preview

And welcome to your spring cookbook preview! I divide the cookbook year into three seasons—spring, summer, fall—and thus spring constitutes releases from January, February, March, and April. (We’ll get to May with the summer titles.) And, unlike the more comprehensive fall preview (that takes weeks to put together), this is just a highlight reel. Call it books I am excited to get my hands on.

This year, they need to be books that will get me excited about cooking again, too. Because I don’t know about you? But I am burnt out in the kitchen. Here, hopefully, are equal numbers of good reads and good ideas to get me (and you?) out of a kitchen rut, from shopping strategy to ingredient deep-dives to chef inspiration to comforting orchards to maximizing your freezer pantry to baking with whole grains to traveling through cookbooks to easy weeknight dinners to Ferran Adrià ripping up the concept of “cooking” and putting it back together from scratch. Whatever works, you know?

Note: I try to cover English-language cookbooks from all over the world, especially because some of the most exciting culinary titles come from the UK and, increasingly, Australia. (I SAID IT!) That said, with release dates being different in different countries, sometimes I cover books before they are available in the US, or I cover them when they become available in the US but have been out elsewhere for awhile. SORRY! Sorry. I am but one lowly cookbook blogger.

And now, the cookbooks of spring 2021.

January and February releases! >>>

March releases! >>>

April releases! >>>