Vallery Lomas x Ruby Tandoh; Betty Crocker 2020

Plus: writing cookbooks for the visually-impaired.

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Things are creeping to a sludge now that we’ve hit mid-July, which means I continue to have a lot of good things for you to read (and watch!) but not a ton of news. LUCKILY all that will change in a few weeks, when I start rolling out the first-ever FALL COOKBOOK PREVIEW in August. This is gonna be a packed fall thanks to a bunch of spring releases being pushed back, so we’ll have a lot of material to cover. Starting in August. I have a spreadsheet!! Get jazzed.

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July 7, 2020

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Vallery Lomas Baking Cookbook Coming 2021

I love cookbooks, right? I love collecting them, I love cooking from them, and I love just reading them. But sometimes I’m like, “If I, someone who is willing to devote like three days to a recipe, won’t even make this, like, who is this for?” Like, who is this recipe for? I don’t know.

Vallery Lomas, winner of the unaired third season of The Great American Baking Show and the blogger behind Foodie in New York, in conversation with Ruby Tandoh of The Great British Bake Off over at Taste, discussing cookbooks and who they are for and who gets to write them and why. Lomas has a new! cookbook! coming in spring 2021, which according to a 2019 Publishers Marketplace deal will be called Life Is What You Bake It, although that may have changed by now. (It’s too early for an Amazon listing, so.) 100 recipes, Clarkson Potter. More details on Lomas’s upcoming book (and Tandoh’s!) in the article.

A cookbook-centric r/relationship_advice:

When I first moved in with my girlfriend last month (23F) she brought along a huge book of 'traditional family recipes'. I was excited to try some, as she had promised she was a good cook and would make me 'something so good I wouldn't even believe it'.

That hasn't been the case. 

Check this out!

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