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Thank you so much Paula.

Good to know that someone is actually cooking from the book.

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Recipes I’ve made on repeat are Cilantro Chutney; Salmon and Spinach Curry; and Caramelized Onion, Coconut and Egg Curry from Made in India (Meera Sodha). Also turn to the brilliant Picos del mundo section of Lucky Peach Power Vegetables when I need to do something fast with cucumber, tomatoes, etc. Marcella Hazan’s smothered cabbage and rice soup from her Essentials book. And curry-coconut braised fish from Milk Street New Home Cooking, which I’ve turned into a soup with more broth and potatoes. Making that again tonight!

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Pleased to see this lineup, partly because I have five of these titles, and partly because I love enchiladas! Mmm-mmm! Special nod for the Spuntino, as that book rules! (Shout-out for the Lentil Soup recipe in that book; so good!)

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Thanks for the best cookbook newsletter ever and happy holidays!

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