Fall Preview 2021: Multi-Purpose Cookbooks


Fall Cookbook Preview 2021: Multi-Purpose Cookbooks

The Little Pine Cookbook by Moby

Yes, that Moby. The musician and the “original owner” of LA vegan restaurant Little Pine is out with 125 recipes from the menu. I am a little curious how all this will go over with the current owners of the restaurant—there was a change of ownership in 2020, which this book likely predates. But fans of the restaurant, and vegan cooking in general, should find much to dig into here. Avery: September 7.

An Unapologetic Cookbook by Joshua Weissman

YouTuber, and, I just learned, (former?) fellow Austinite Joshua Weissman has accumulated quite the following on YouTube for his cheffed-up recipe demos. Here, he takes his everything-from-scratch approach to the cookbook format, offering recipes for fried brussels sprouts, gravlax, Austin-style breakfast tacos, “the perfect BLT,” homemade nutbutters, and much more. Alpha: September 15.

FOODHEIM by Eric Wareheim with Emily Timberlake

Comedian and winemaker Eric Wareheim is out with his first cookbook, a goofy romp that aims to be *checks notes* “the culinary bible for modern food freaks.” Yes, okay. The book covers home cooking as well as entertaining, with sections on “circle foods (burgers, tacos), grandma foods (pasta, meatballs), and juicy foods (steak, ribs)” and recipes for “Chicken Parm with Nonna Sauce, Personal Pan Pep Pep, and Crudite Extreme with Dill Dippers.” Written with former Ten Speed editor Emily Timberlake. Ten Speed: September 21.

Burnt Toast and Other Disasters by Cal Peternell

Acclaimed cookbook author and chef Cal Peternell is back with this humorous guide to turning cooking disasters into meals, whether you burnt dinner or are just looking for a way to jazz up leftovers. Other topics include hacks for packaged foods, Peternell’s go-to dressings and sauces, a selection of “BS” chicken recipes, and much more. William Morrow: September 21.

Flavors from the Garden: Heirloom Vegetable Recipes from Roughwood by William Woys Weaver

As a gardener—albeit one living in a place with growing seasons that are not synced with your typical North American seasons—I am always intrigued by cookbooks that explore the intersection of the vegetable garden and the kitchen. You’re in good hands with William Woys Weaver, whose famed Roughwood heirloom seed collection in Devon, Pennsylvania houses 5,000 varieties of edible plants. Here, he shows you how he prepares his harvests. Rizzoli: September 28.

That Sounds So Good: 100 Real-Life Recipes for Every Day of the Week by Carla Lalli Music

Carla Lalli Music is back for her second cookbook, this time focused on “recipes for every situation”—think easy weeknight one pot meals to weekend feasts. Recipes include grocery lists split into “From the Market” and “At Home” (pantry) sections, as well as accompanying options to “Spin It.” Market didn’t have Savoy cabbage? Any kind of cabbage will work. Don’t have white wine vinegar? Red works. An arsenal for making good food with the time and resources available to you. Clarkson Potter: October 5.

Arty Parties: An Entertaining Cookbook from the Creator of Salad for President by Julia Sherman

For artist and writer Julia Sherman’s second cookbook, she focuses on the art of the party. Specifically, “modern gatherings [that] are less about ‘getting it right’ and more about getting your hands dirty, building community, and taking risks in the kitchen and beyond.” Vibrant dishes shot beautifully with Sherman’s artistic eye, this is as much art book as recipe collection. Abrams: October 12.

Ottolenghi Test Kitchen: Shelf Love Recipes to Unlock the Secrets of Your Pantry, Fridge, and Freezer by Noor Murad and Yotam Ottolenghi

Born of the pandemic, this group project featuring the folks from London chef and cookbook author Yotam Ottolenghi’s development kitchen started as a series of popular Instagram videos. The first in a promised Test Kitchen series, Shelf Love focuses on how to cook from what you already have on hand. (Pantry cooking is a running fall 2021 theme—I think a lot of people got real familiar with their pantries in 2020.) Clarkson Potter: October 19.

Food52 Big Little Recipes: Good Food with Minimal Ingredients and Maximal Flavor by Emma Laperruque

Based on Emma Laperruque’s column of the same name, Big Little Recipes promises food that wows in as few ingredients as possible. Also included: meal planning choose-your-own-adventure charts, tips, and flavor-bosting shortcuts. Ten Speed: October 19.

Staples + 5: 100 Simple Recipes to Make the Most of Your Pantry by Tanorria Askew

Indianapolis chef Tanorria Askew (you may know her from MasterChef) wants to help you make the most of your pantry: here, she offers 100 recipes that use no more than 5 ingredients plus pantry staples, in addition to pantry-stocking tips and strategy. Recipes include “Chicken, Mushroom, & Rice Skillet; Turkey, Black Bean & Sweet Potato Soup; Browned Butter Couscous Salad; Blackberry Cobbler.” Alpha: October 19.

This Must Be the Place: Dispatches & Food from the Home Front by Rachael Ray

I am pretty much a nope on cookbooks about what people cooked during quarantine, but I will make an exception for the latest offering from celebrity chef Rachael Ray. Ray famously filmed her TV show during the first week of the pandemic from her home in upstate New York, with her husband John filming it on an iPhone. This is a collection of 125 recipes that she cooked, with reflections on a time when “everyone on the planet was going through the same thing at the same time.” Ballantine: October 26.

Mumbai Modern: Vegetarian Recipes Inspired by Indian Roots and California Cuisine by Amisha Dodhia Gurbani

Combining flavors from her native India and the vibrant produce of her home in California, Amisha Dodhia Gurbani (writer/photographer behind The Jam Lab) offers a bright and cheerful selection of everyday vegetarian dishes. Everything here sounds tasty—breakfast naan pizzas, squash blossom tacos with kachumber salsa, “the ultimate Mumbai-California veggie burger”—but Gurbani really shines in baking. Particularly excited to try her kumquat and black sesame bundt cake. Countryman: November 2.

Poppy Cooks: The Food You Need by Poppy O'Toole

Hey it’s a TikTok cookbook! Poppy O’Toole is a London chef who, during 2020, turned to the social media platform to share recipes, tips, and tricks. And now she’s out with her first cookbook, sharing basic recipes chefs know that can amp up your food, like basic white sauce, yeast doughs, and homemade mayonnaise. She’s also famously a huge fan of potatoes, so if you are too, check it out. Random House: November 9.

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