Open thread: Cookbooks by Women of Color

Howdy cookbook fans!

I have received feedback that this open thread about cookbooks by women of color is exoticizing and tokenizing. My intention was to celebrate, but I missed the mark, and I apologize. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being held accountable for this, and I promise to read more, listen more, and strive for improvement. 

Surprise Thursday OPEN THREAD!!!!

I’ve been thinking a lot about whose voices get prioritized in the cookbook (and broader food media) world these days. Who gets recommended over and over again, and who…doesn’t. So here’s a space for everyone to share the cookbooks they love by women of color, below. I’ll share mine in the first comment.

BONUS POINTS: share the specific recipes you make again and again.

(Apparently you can’t link in the comments, I’ll collect the recs and link to places you can buy them in a future newsletter.)