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I enjoyed the essay! I’m pretty much a stickler. I subscribe to NYT Cooking and always read the comments, many of which are like you describe….”I subbed this for this and this for that” until practically nothing is the same. I also get frustrated by all the people who want to cut back the sugar, and as some of the follow up commenters say, “ Make a different recipe!”

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I love this, Paula. After a few years now of writing recipes with my own evolving style guide, I do think you need to strike that balance, and to give them _advice_ as much as instruction, and somehow distinguish between the two. And also not scare them away or bore them. Doing that well is HARD!

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Agreed! It's so hard to meet a wide range of people where they are, both in terms of skill level and interpretation. But it's fun trying. :) :) :)

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