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I don’t know about freezing it either, that comment about the small roasted batches seems like it might be promising? Or making it into a pasta sauce with tomato and freezing that. Ottolenghi Test Kitchen also had an eggplant pickle. Hetty McKinnon in her book or NYT has a beautiful steamed eggplant sprinkled with ginger, garlic and scallions and hot oil to die for. I love eggplant so much, good luck! Hopefully you have neighbors who love it as well!

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I’ve had meh success with freezing eggplant dishes. I’ve tried baba ghanoush, eggplant burgers, and caponata. This year I am going to try ajvar (Balkan eggplant and pepper caviar) and see if it holds up better. If you have successes I hope you can share because eggplant is my favorite vegetable and one I would love to preserve more.

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Re eggplants: we have Turkish friends who will buy cases of eggplant when they come in, halve and grill them till they’re soft, and then scoop out the innards and freeze in measured portions to use later in whatever recipes they want. One that I had, which was wonderful, was their version of Imam Bayildi.

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So many exciting new cookbooks to choose from!!

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Holy shit, that High-Altitude book. Not only do the contents sound amazing, it’s available FOR FREE to download?!

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Other free resources:

LA Times

Smitten Kitchen

Food 52 burnt eggplant and tomato tahini adapted from Test Kitchen -- going to make that this week with pasta

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