HELLO I am making butternut squash gratin with poblanos and oregano and Mexican cheeses, it's (I think?) a F&W recipe from like 2006. Also Amy Thielen's AWESOME sour cream raisin pie from New Midwestern Table, but I'm using dried cranberries instead of raisins to make it Thanksgivingy. What are y'all making PLEASE and THANK YOU?!

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We go to friends who do most of the cooking, but my contribution will be the not-at-all-Mexican Fonda San Miguel apple pie (sour cream in the filling; thick streusel topping; cinnamon and apple juice in the crust).

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Hi! I'm making a big dry-brined turkey (adapted from Zenbelly and Allison Roman via NY Times), sourdough stuffing 2 ways (one with Italian sausage, one without similar to Roman's recent stuffing in the NY Times) and roasted Brussel sprouts (like Ina Garten's), plus a flourless mocha cake with Kahlua cream (weird, I know, but it's a recipe I'm working on and who doesn't like flourless chocolate cake? Plus my sister is bringing the pumpkin pie). My family is bringing the rest. Happy Thanksgiving!

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